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The 70's

Welcome to my 70's Memories!

Robin Remembers The 70's!!

Listen to 70's Music while you browse my pages!
Jump into my time machine and tune into a 1970's radio station!
It is the coolest!!!

Classic 70's Moment!
Featured Page:
King Tut Skit by Steve Martin

Welcome to my 70's Pages!

You have entered a part of my website that is near and dear to me, --the era of my youth...
Come back to the day before cell phones, pagers, cd's, email or the internet, how'd we ever survive? Well, somehow we did manage to survive and we obviously didn't need those things that today we feel we can't live without.

If it were at all possible, I am quite sure that the majority of us that came out of the 70's --would gladly jump into a time machine and transport back into time...

This is a graphics intensive section of my website, hopefully you'll have a fast modem, if not, patience please. Optimum viewing is at 800 x 600 screen resolution, 32 bit color. I recommend visiting Barry Scott's Lost 45, turning on his tunes and listening to his streaming audio of actual 70's radio, while viewing theses pages for the full effect.

Enjoy the ride and hopefully you'll find a bit of your own life mixed in there with mine.


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